Illinois Breastfeeding Laws

New Law Requiring Lactation Accommodations for Students, from Illinois

Illinois has passed new legislation requiring lactation accommodations for students. Under the amended School Code, Illinois public schools, including charter schools, are required to provide reasonable accommodations for lactating students to express breast milk, breastfeed an infant child, or address other needs related to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding students may not incur an academic penalty as a result of her use of the reasonable accommodations and must be provided the opportunity to make up any work missed due to such use. The legislation also sets forth a complaint procedure.

West Central Task Force has created a few helpful documents to assist in supporting students. The documents are found on this site under their task force page.

Public Act 094-0391

Exempts nursing mothers from jury service 

Effective Jan 1, 2006
The Jury Act was amended to include: “any mother nursing her child shall, upon request, be excused from jury service”.                    

Public Act 093-0942
The Right to Breastfeed Act”
Effective 2004          

“The Right to Breastfeed Act” protects a mother’s right to breastfeed her baby in public.  A mother may breastfeed in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be... A woman who has been denied the right to breastfeed by the owner or manager of a public or private location... may bring a...court action and...may be awarded reasonable expenses of litigation. 

Public Act 92-0068
Effective 2001
Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act
An employer shall provide reasonable unpaid break time each day to an employee who needs to express breast milk for her infant child.  An employer shall make reasonable efforts to provide a room or other location, in close proximity to the work area, other than a toilet stall, where an employee can express her milk in privacy.  

Breastfeeding is Not Indecency
Effective 1995  
Breast-feeding of infants is not an act of public indecency.        

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